UPDATE: With over $14,000 raised so far, we are beyond grateful to all of our incredible supporters!! Do we think we can make it to $20,000 in our final push?!?

Thank you for considering Little Sparklers. Donations are fully tax deductible. It’s been an enormous year. We’d love to show you how your support can make a real difference.

 24/7 Support for Over 165,000 Families

For families, the past 12 months has been a time filled with isolation and uncertainty. Having 24/7 access to The Beyond Sleep Training Project Group, our free peer support, has been vital to the wellbeing of countless families.

 In this year alone we have welcomed over 40,000 new members. Of our 165,000 total members, 139,000 of them have actively utilised our service some time in the last 12 months! That’s an incredible number of families, babies and children supported.

 Our volunteer peer supporters have tended to an amazing 20,000 unique posts and moderated the 550,000 comments those post generated with over 1.8 million reactions in our space.

 3000 People Have Been Helped By Our Free ‘beginning your journey beyond sleep training’ Workbook

 More than 3000 people have now downloaded our free ‘beginning your journey beyond sleep training’ workbook, with glowing reports from those who have used it.

 40,000 Listeners Have Heard Our Podcast

The Beyond Sleep Training podcast has brought uplifting, real and raw stories to the listening ears of more than 40,000 listeners.

 Supporting Regional Australians

We support 56,000 people across Australia. More than 22,000 of those people are from regional areas.

We KNOW that services in the perinatal space as well as mental health space are stretched, and this is especially so in regional areas. This is why we’re here, meeting people right where they are at, day and night, for free, wherever they are living.

We Make A Real Difference, To Real People

 “This group is important because it offers peer support (emotional, psychological, logistical) at a very vulnerable time in parents' (and babies) lives. It is important because it is a free, inclusive, resource that is accessible to anyone with a phone or library access. It meets otherwise unmet needs of parents around the world who have decided to parent gently and allows them to meet virtually and exchange, learn, grow and be all the more present for their children, even in the face of the physically brutal lack of sleep that may come in these years. It is the ‘village’ of support needed to parent that much better. THANK YOU!!” - Heidi H.

 The service we provide, the work we do to improve the way society supports families is essential.

 Please help us expand our services and keep them freely available to all, when they need it most.

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