"One of the hardest parts about being a mother has been doubting myself every step of the way. I knew what instinctually felt right and I was actually enjoying breastfeeding and sleeping with my baby but everyone around me made me feel like I was in crazy town.

 This group reassured me that my feelings and experience were valid and I didn’t need to explain or defend myself. It also brought to light how much culture bears on how we raise our babies and our perceptions of the “right” and “wrong” ways. I’ve had to battle against messages that I’m creating bad habits, preventing my son from learning how to sleep, creating a clingy and overly dependent child, etc. This group gave me the courage to think critically about those ideas and really investigate whether they made sense from a biological or evolutionary perspective (they didn’t) and also to reflect on my own morals and values as a mother, as opposed to the values of everyone around me.

 It’s this critical thinking and reflection that is so important for breaking generations of parenting advice that is counter to what children and babies really need. I’m so thankful this group exists, there are really no other ones that are this organized, welcoming, and gentle. I also love how we include non-sleep related questions and advice amongst parents who all share similar views." – Melanie Werthmuller

Image credit: Sarah Conlan Photography