Consumer representation making change!
Little Sparklers, home of The Beyond Sleep Training Project has been working with the Queensland Clinical Guidelines working group to update the safe infant sleep guidelines for Queensland Health and all Queensland clinical settings.
The new guidelines are now live on the Qld Health site and are set to be implemented across the state and are based on the risk minimisation model we KNOW will better serve families than the old risk elimination approach of 'no co sleeping, co sleeping is dangerous'.
It has been an honour to be a part of the process with this skillful team, not just because of their knowledge and experience but because throughout the process, it was clear what high value and regard they placed on our voice as consumers.
They honoured our voice, our lived experience, our values, and wisdom and that shone through as the drafts evolved as our feedback was taken on and woven through and supported by the evidence and expertise that backs these new guidelines.
We look forward to seeing these guidelines being implemented and embedded across Queensland and we urgently encourage other states to follow suit.
The full guidelines and resources can be found at-
For a taster, check the following tiles