Amanda is a clinical psychologist working at the intersection of infant feeding, mental health and early parenting.  She brings a compassionate approach to perinatal and women’s mental health, to support mothers and their families through the challenges of early parenting.  She has also completed additional training in birth trauma, breastfeeding, feeding disorders, and managing unsettled and distressed babies.

Through Spilt Milk Psychology, Amanda’s human-centred approach to perinatal mental health empowers families by providing practical, realistic and relatable information and support.  She is a passionate advocate for the decentralisation of sleep training as the solution to maternal mental health concerns.  Amanda champions the mother-baby dyad, recognising the need to take into account the practical demands of parenting, as well as the biological, psychological and emotional needs of both mother and baby. 

Amanda is also dedicated to improving the knowledge and skills of health professionals in the arena of perinatal mental health.  She provides individual supervision as well as training workshops in a variety of settings.