Ask yourself one simple question – how did you end up here?

We’ve got a hunch that we know the answer….and it involves sleep.

Do you remember what happened to make you look for some support or advice? The moment you felt like something needed to change? And do you remember how it felt to be heard and supported in a village of like-minded parents?

We rely on donations to help us deliver our support and we’d love to be able to support more new parents, like we helped you.

We’re raising money to train up new peer support workers who can reach out to parents, offering support and guidance when they need it most.  Could you help us reach and support more people?   

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The pressure on new parents to get their babies happily sleeping alone can be overwhelming – so overwhelming in fact, that it can start to take over and eclipse the joy of having a baby. The sleep training mindset can be invasive and our culture of sharing on social media means it’s too easy to compare yourself and your baby with others and end up feeling like a total failure- we’ve all been there. Couple that with sleep deprivation and it can all start to feel like a battle you’re never going to win.

“My confidence as a mother was broken, convinced I had it all wrong and there was something terribly wrong with our unsettled baby who we just couldn’t put down”.

What if you knew it was all entirely normal and expected?  What if we told you that it doesn’t matter if your baby wakes up many times each night? What if you learnt a new way of experiencing those wake-ups, a natural rhythm that helped to keep your mind calm, responding to your babies needs without letting yourself be absorbed with negative thoughts and worries?

That’s why we’re here.  We support tens of thousands of parents who are each going on their own journey with parenting and sleep.  We understand there’s no single approach that works- just like there’s no linear progression with sleep, so instead we listen and guide based on our years of combined experience and when it all feels like too much, we’re here with trained professionals to support your mental health. 

“We’ve learned to trust our own instincts and find our own path. We snuggle, respond to and hold our boy and find comfort in shared sleep. Turns out nothing was wrong- apart from our expectations.”  - Tanya

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“We all sleep at night. I no longer resent my beautiful baby. I’ve fully surrendered the idea of sleep training. Life is so much easier when I just say yes to what my baby tells me she needs” Carisa

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