"I found this group after struggling for a few weeks with a very unsettled newborn who wouldn't have a bar of "feed play sleep" or feeding intervals recommended by the hospital or "drowsy but awake" or sleeping in a bassinet. After having an awful birth experience where they did a c-section in the middle of the night for no good reason and generally treated me like a piece of meat, I was determined to breastfeed but I felt like it was getting away on me. I'd had no sleep for weeks and my partner was trying to help but if the baby was crying anywhere else in the house I still wasn't sleeping. Our home visit nurse reinforced old fashioned advice that would have ended up with us formula feeding and sleep training at only weeks old.

Finding The Beyond Sleep Training Project was a huge relief, here was validation of what my instincts were telling me – my baby just needed to be held and fed more, and carried and sleep touching me. We started feeding on demand and co-sleeping, and it was like night and day. My baby started gaining decent amounts of weight, he stopped crying all the time, and I got to sleep again. I just can't believe how regressive and unhelpful so much of the advice I received around baby care was - I'm surprised it is still given out at all because I can't imagine it working well for anyone!" – Eddy Walker

Image credit: Vida Images