Out of my close group of friends (6) and my parents group (12), my son was the only child I knew that would never sleep by himself and also wake 45minutes-hourly. I felt alone, exhausted, confused, desperate. I read books, articles, spoke to doctors, maternal health nurse but never found an answer.

My heart, soul and brain always said no to sleep training so I knew that wasn't the answer but the question remained- what's wrong with him/ why can't I do this/ why am I a bad mum?

One night at 3am as I lay in my bed with my son asleep on me, exhausted, googling for answers I came across an article by the founder of this group.

It was one of her original articles about her son. Tears rolled down my face as I read it, I remember having to hold my hand in front of my mouth to contain my cries and howling. I understood her pain, I knew it, I felt it. I had found another mum who understood me, another mum that had experienced it. The best was she was an Aussie like me.

The next day I googled more about her and found out about The Beyond Sleep Training Project and I joined straight away. I remember again crying when I was accepted into the group. Realising I wasn't alone was a life saver for me, reading about other parents having similar concerns, being able to share mine and receiving advice was just amazing.

I always say two things allowed me to be ok (ironically both discovered on the internet!)- Side feeding whilst co-sleeping and this group. It build my confidence and allowed me to follow my gut and mother instincts.

Thank you from the bottom of heart.

Sormeh Afkari