Let’s talk about floor beds

On this week’s The Beyond Sleep Training Podcast episode, Carly and our guest Andrea Andric discussed what a floor bed is and why you might want to consider one.

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What is a floor bed?

A floor bed is quite literally a bed on the floor.

For some people, this is simply a mattress on the floor, while others place slats or a super low frame under the mattress.

I can be a cot/ crib mattress, but is more commonly a single or double/ queen mattress to allow you to get the full benefit.

Why are they awesome?

A floor bed effectively avoids the needs to transfer your sleeping baby/ child from one sleeping space (your arms, breast, chest) to another as you do when you are using a bassinet/ cot/ crib.

It allows the adult to lay alongside their child and either cuddle or feed and then either rest together, or execute a skilful ninja roll escape, once the child is asleep.

They also reduce the risk of injury should a baby or child roll or climb off.

Floor beds do not come at additional cost and are a great no-frills option for flexible sleep arrangements as babies and children grow.

Things to consider:

  • The mattress should be firm and clean.
  • In damp climates, it is important to ensure there is airflow to avoid mould (slats are great for this)
  • The mattress should be in the middle of the room to avoid entrapment between the mattress and wall.
  • The room should be baby/childproof
  • Babies under 6-12 months are safest with an adult with them while they sleep, day and night.

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Do you have a floor bed? We’d love to hear your experience.

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