The Beyond Sleep Training Project is now Facebook’s largest sleep support group for families

The Beyond Sleep Training Project has grown at a phenomenal pace since it was created by Carly Grubb back in 2017.

The group offers free peer support for families struggling with sleep, settling and life with a baby or young children. It now sits at a whopping 117,000 members from around the world and grows by 3-4 thousand new members each month.

It has become a safe haven for many and supported huge numbers of people to find their confidence and strength in nurturing their little ones both at day and night.

What is the appeal?

The Beyond Sleep Training Project provides a unique opportunity for families to explore ways to approach life with their baby without ever having sleep training suggested to them.

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On top of that, the volunteer admins and moderators of the group work around the clock to maintain the tone, safety and ethos of the space. Admin commenting in the group is of an exceptional standard with compassion, wisdom and safety central to each interaction.

There is also a beautiful sense of community and solidarity in this space. While sometimes, the mood of the feed can feel somewhat depressing and fraught (naturally, most people post when they need help and are struggling), the members who are further into their journey often pop-in with some much-needed perspective, positivity and light to hold up those deep in the trenches right now.

It is no mean feat to truly move your family beyond sleep training.

Not when society at large holds so little value and regard for the nurturing being done to meet the needs of our youngest and most vulnerable.

Not when to do so, you are often accused of behaving like a martyr or creating a rod for your own back.

Not when there is little practical support available to families who are even more acutely isolated in this hellish year 2020 has been around this world.

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And yet, The Beyond Sleep Training Project continues to grow.

Through word of mouth referrals and sheer searching luck, people find their way to the group.

And here we stand as Facebook’s largest sleep support group!

How on earth is this all possible?

Fascinatingly, the group is entirely volunteer-run.

Little Sparklers, has been established to build on and support the continuing work of The Beyond Sleep Training Project, but as yet, the work continues without large sponsorship or grants.

It is with passion, grit, intelligence and determination that the group continues to be the incredible space it is.

Volunteer stories

With volunteer moderators and admins working for the group around the clock in their own unique settings. It is the epitome of many hands making light work. Though it is fair to say that the workload is rarely light.

With over 99,000 of our 117,000 members active in the last 28 days, the volume and scale of interaction our team faces is mind-blowing.

Putting through around 100 posts a day and monitoring the impact of the 200, 000+ interactions that result each month takes skill, patience and impressive dedication.

To imagine these incredible volunteers doing so as they juggle their own families, paid work, study, life demands brings on feelings of deep awe and respect.

As a snapshot, our beautiful team has been sharing where they are volunteering for us today- from Australia to the UK, from South Africa to Canada, from Hong Kong to the US we have people working the group as they take their lunch break, after their babies are tucked up in bed or while enjoying sunshine after pegging clothes out to dry and more.

It’s safe to say that The Beyond Sleep Training Project is as big and successful as it is because the world needs the support it brings to families. The passion and belief of the volunteer team and long-term members runs deep and the impact is creating ripples and waves through people’s hearts and minds.

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