Let's talk about your family's sleep is an exclusive Live event we are hosting in our peer support group on Facebook.

UPDATE 24/02/2021- the captioned recording of the event is now available

When: Tuesday 16th February, 8 pm AEST 

Where: The Beyond Sleep Training Project Facebook group

Event link for members only

Not a member of our group yet here's a link to join!

Who: our founder Carly Grubb along with special guest Lyndsey Hookway

Proudly sponsored by WaterWipes

Join us for 1 hour jampacked with wisdom and practical ideas to help your whole family sleep more soundly.

The conversation will focus on a number of chapters from Lyndsey's must-read book, 'Let's talk about your new family's sleep' -

Chapter 1: Addressing sleep myths
Chapter 2: The truth about sleep
Chapter 3: Optimising parent sleep
Chapter 4: Positive sleep starts in pregnancy
Chapter 5: Relationships and sleep
Chapter 6: Normal infant and child sleep
Chapter 7: Naps
Chapter 8: Night feeds
Chapter 9: Why not leave them cry?
Chapter 10: How to gently optimise your child’s sleep
Chapter 11: Managing a sleep crisis with kindness
Chapter 12: Situational sleep stress
Chapter 13: Support yourself to better sleep
We look forward to seeing you all there and keep an eye out for the recording with additional captions in the timezones don't suit you Live.
Banner image credit: Vida Images