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Check out these podcast episodes featuring our founder Carly Grubb.

Tune in to this episode of The Good Enough Mother podcast with Dr Sophie Brock. Sophie is a sociologist and motherhood researcher and she talks with Carly to learn more about the roots of The Beyond Sleep Training Project and Little Sparklers.

They also talk about how sleep and sleep training culture fit in the myth of perfect motherhood. Sophie and Carly discuss the need to shift the way society views and values the nurturing work being done in homes around the world.

In this episode of Tales From the Fourth Trimester, Carly talks with Naomi Chrisoulakis who is a postpartum doula and cook from Sydney. Naomi wants to hear why we need to stop using blanket 'co-sleeping is dangerous' messaging with new parents and instead focus on risk minimisation strategies to ensure that when shared sleep occurs, it is done more safely.

Carly also did an episode with Karey Crain on the Mama's Mental Health podcast about her lived experience of postnatal depression and how sleep looked when the mainstream sleep training path simply did not work.