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Welcome to the beyond sleep training podcast!

This podcast is proudly brought to you by Little Sparklers and their incredible team behind The Beyond Sleep Training Project.

I’m your host, Carly Grubb.

Sleep is often one of the very first challenges families face and we work very hard to help people know that sleep training is not the only path that can be taken.

But how does life look if you don’t sleep train, or if you did but you realised it wasn’t for you, or like me, it simply didn’t work at all?

It can be hard to imagine the realities and practicalities, especially if you don’t have real-life models and examples around you, and that’s the gap we are trying to fill here.

Each week, we will share a 30-minute episode that will feature a guest sharing their story of how sleep looks for their family.

This podcast is not about finding a prescriptive fix or dictating the *right* way to parent. It’s about storytelling and imagining possibilities. It’s about valuing and honouring the biological needs of our smallest people while also trying to be well in ourselves.

It’s no easy task. Especially when so much of society is set up in such non-family-friendly ways. But we are carving new paths and we welcome anyone who’d like to explore along with us.

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The Beyond Sleep Training Podcast- because sleep looks different with a baby in the house

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