I have the very great privilege of speaking at the upcoming online Possums Conference next Thursday 29 October 2020. I will be speaking as a consumer advocate and offering the health professionals attending to hear the voices of families living with the realities of the system and supports offered to many right now.

The theme of the conference is, On the frontline: Advanced skills for breastfeeding, mood and unsettled infant behaviour challenges.

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While I’ve been planning my segment, three really strong themes have come through for me:

  1. We can either work to build families confidence and nurturing or we can harm it
  2. Most families who present with breastfeeding challenges, struggling with mood and have an unsettled infant feel an overwhelming sense of failure.
  3. Most families have unrealistic expectations of their baby AND themselves that are cemented time and again by those they seek support from.

The good news here is, there are MANY points in time when families are engaged with support professionals where they can be guided to a more realistic view of life with a baby and receive positive recognition, support and education for the nurturing care they provide for their child. They can also be supported to look at their own wellbeing and ways to ensure they can meet their needs while meeting the needs of their child- day and night.

It is possible to combat the overwhelming roar of bad habits, negative sleep associations, rod for own back, feed-play-sleep by being the compassionate voice of respect and awe for the important work being done by families who are far from failing.

And so, it is with excitement and possibility that I prepare to use my voice for families. We can and will do better, and Little Sparklers is laying the groundwork as we speak.

Let’s spread the word every chance we get because the way we raise our children matters, to growing brains and connected, resilient families.

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