Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation. 

Our peer support group The Beyond Sleep Training Project is 100% volunteer-run and anyone who has had the luck of being on the receiving end of the support given by one of our team will attest, they are some of the kindest, most compassionate and intelligent people you will ever meet. They give their time and wisdom so generously to our members and each brings their own unique lived experience to the fore.

Our team is located across the globe to help us achieve support 24 hours a day and offers a unique diversity. We have volunteers with broad experiences and circumstances which helps bring empathy and compassion to all interactions. 

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When we asked our volunteers what they found most rewarding about their role with The Beyond Sleep Training Project, this is what they said ...

"Seeing the weight of fear and despair lift from the shoulders of my fellow parents. It is a truly fulfilling experience to know that through support, someone felt able to trust their instincts and the communication of their little ones." -E. Branson

Mother looking down at her older son while baby sleeps in the baby carrier on her front.

"Seeing those join requests that are shouting for help, and knowing that when I accept that request, I'm going to change their life." - Chantelle Howkins

Dad, toddler, baby and mother smile up at the camera while lying on their backs with their heads next to each other.

"Knowing that we're helping other parents trust themselves. Helping to raise the next generation of kids with empathy and responsiveness. And being a part of an incredible bunch of admins who fiercely have each other's backs (even from another continent)." - Melanie Bartlett

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