Do you love the idea of moving beyond sleep training but feel completely overwhelmed with where to start?

Not sure how to get your partner on the same page with how you'd like to manage sleep in your family?

This is the resource for you! And the best part is, it is FREE!

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This workbook helps you step through the early parts of this journey to help you identify areas that might help you all get the rest and sleep you need.

What's inside?

Day One- Let's talk about expectations

Day Two- Understanding what your little one is going through

Day Three- But what if it's NOT normal sleep

Day Four- Check in with your own sleep and sleep habits

Day Five- Check in with your body and environment

Day Six- Check in with your mind

Day Seven- What about diet and exercise

Day Eight- Managing sleep and rest priorities

Day Nine- Mindset and Mental Wellbeing

Day Ten- Check in with yourself and with each other


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