Little Sparklers has been created following the success of the peer support group The Beyond Sleep Training Project.

Carly Grubb originally started the group in January 2017 to write a book and connect with others who were working through sleep challenges with their babies without sleep training (or having failed at it, as she had with her first wakeful little sparkler baby). 

She thought it would be quite a niche as the culture of sleep training in the community was so strong at the time. But to her surprise, the group grew in phenomenal fashion and it became clear there was a huge need in the community for a different kind of support for families than what was being offered. At the same time, the evidence-base began to grow that not only were families seeking an alternative, but this alternative was enriching their lives and that of their children through fostering connection and compassionate care, not just for the infants, but also the adults who need nurturing and support throughout this time.

The group provided visibility, strength and value for the nurturing work being done by so many who had previously felt isolated in their experience.

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Now, there is a demand and desperate need for something even greater.

Families need professional services and support and so Carly has established Little Sparklers, a registered charity with tax deductibility rating for Australian Tax Residents.

It’s time to spark change on a grand scale.

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What does The Beyond Sleep Training Project do?

The Beyond Sleep Training Project operates as:

The peer support group is our primary service where we provide education, solidarity and support to over 110,000 (September 2020) members from over 100 countries around the world. The group is run by a passionate and skilled group of 90+ volunteer administrators and moderators who work to ensure that over 100 posts a day are put to the group for support.

Our volunteers come from all over the globe and have a range of professional and lived experience to bring to their roles and this includes cultural diversity. 

The group grows by around 3000 new members a month and each person who joins comes to their journey at a unique point. It is our core business to meet people right where they are at in their journey with compassion, confidence, knowledge and wisdom.

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