We commit to all of our donors and prospective donors to being transparent and accountable so that you can have full confidence in Little Sparklers Ltd as a reputable charity.

We promise that your gifts to us will be used for their intended purposes and adhere to legislated requirements and best practice fundraising principles at all times. We commit to our donors and prospective donors that you will:

  • have your gifts used for the purpose in which they were given
    receive appropriate acknowledgement and recognition of your gift
  • remain informed of our mission and the programs and services that develop as we grow
  • be informed of who serves on our governing Board, and that each member will exercise ethical judgement in their responsibilities
  • have access to our most recent financial statements
    be assured that your personal information and further information about your donation is handled with respect and confidentiality in line with privacy laws
  • expect that individuals representing Little Sparklers Ltd are professional and act with integrity in their relationships
  • have the option for their name and contact details to be deleted from newsletter mailing lists and be informed if we are asked to share our mailing lists with any other parties
  • receive prompt, truthful and forthright answers to questions about any of our activities or organisational information

By adhering to these commitments, we ensure the utmost integrity of our services – particularly our fundraising activities, and we will never compromise the interests of the families we help in the pursuit of fundraising.
We are so grateful for every dollar we receive and we rely on this support to continue to meet the needs of the families.