Wondering where we found all of the incredible images you see on our Little Sparklers site?

We are lucky to be supported by the incredibly talented, Renee from Vida Images and Sarah from Sarah Conlan Lifestyle Photography.

Both Sarah and Renee work out of the rural town, Mount Isa in the heart of the Queensland outback. 

Their unique gifts of warmth, realism and sheer beauty have given us access to images that fit with the heart of what we strive to do for the families we support.

It is an honour to have the chance to showcase the art of these women and we'd love for you to check out what they have on offer on their websites and socials.

Cover Image: Vida Images

In-text image: Sarah Conlan. Lifestyle Photography

two older siblings cuddle and kiss their baby who is sitting on their lap in the spinifex grass. Baby stares up at the camera