She slept all night in her big girl bed.

In the room next door to me.

She is in there with her brothers

The amigos, one, two, three.


She fell asleep cuddling into me

All snuggled next to my chest

After she’d settled, I left

She’d found her peaceful rest


I crept on out and closed their door

With a whispered, ‘I love you, sleep well,’

Three little chests, slowly rise, then fall

Sleeping babies, my eyes do well


When did they become so big and brave?

Where did those years just go?

Why does it feel so bittersweet now?

When this is what I wanted or thought so


They each needed me so very much

By night, even more than day

I’d surrendered to that important work

All the night-time ills I could allay


All three loves were tended to

All three were responsively met

All three slept right there with me

Arms reach and right to my chest


More than six years in sum

Our bed was for our family

And just like that, it’s over

A treasured pattern of memories


I’m sure some nights she’ll still call us

Or he will have a bad dream

Growing pains, or night time worries

Or whatever it might seem


And little feet will patter

And the doors will open and close

And into our bed, a small person will come

Looking for warm arms they know


I will cherish each of these visits

I know the countdown has begun

Before too long, it’ll be over

I won’t be their moon, their stars, their sun


What a privilege it is to witness

The blossoming of new human unfold

From koala baby or precious limpet

To a person so adventurous and bold


The story is still being written

I love that I still play my part

What an honour it is to watch them grow

These three who own my heart


Carly Grubb, 2021